4/14 – Training Updates


It has been several days since my last post, but it hasn’t been a vacation. With the light at the end of the tunnel that is law school graduation, I have several papers, projects, and assignments that are coming due. One of them, a legal research project I have been working on looking into the intellectual property right of publicity & the internet, consumed my entire weekend.

This semester is an anomaly for law school – no finals, but several projects. It is odd having my classes structured this way right at the end, but I’ll take it. Not the least reason is that completing all the assignments means I should have no questions about graduating successfully.

But all of the this work means that something else has to give. I’m still completing my runs, but it seemed all weekend like I just never had the time to upload everything and get it on BSR. Hell, right now I should be working on a different project for another legal writing class but I feel the need to update this site.

And the running is still going reasonably well. It is taper time for Glass City, so its time once again to try to find that setting between ‘off’ and ‘ludicrous speed‘. I’ve never been very good at that, honestly.

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4/8 – Training Updates

i ran today

The blame for the lack of recent updates rests completely with law school, I swear. I haven’t missed any training days, but I had a major analysis due yesterday so I had to devote all my time to completing that.

Trust me, 24 pages critiquing my own negotiating preparation & performance is not my idea of a enjoyable weekend. But I want to graduate, so I need to…

2012-10-09 14.38.08

So while I have stressing over contractual clauses for insurance and negotiating a landlord/tenant agreement, I still managed to get my training sessions in. The key has been to do my runs first thing in the morning. When I get out the door for a run at 6:30am, that cements it as a priority and ensures that I don’t just skip it. That is simply too easy to do when I train later in the day.

It is a coincidence that Glass City is the weekend that law school ends, but I want to have a good race to cap off the three years I’ve spent at UT. There is a lot of pent-up anxiety with law school and a 13.1 mile race should take care of a good bit of that.

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3/31 – Half Marathon Training



Okay, so maybe the Leonidas meme is a little over the top. But after the last several days of having my training runs feel like running through water, having a decent run felt like Sir Edmond Hillary conquering Everest.

One thing I noticed is that I am running at a pretty good clip when I do trail & track running, even on my long and easy runs. In itself, that is unsurprising – my inability to pace myself is nearing mythic status (at least in my mind). But I am consistently running at what was my HMP from the 2013 Columbus Half. That’s probably a little too quick.

So, to judge if my pacing is at least part of the issue with my poor training, I went to the treadmill again. The goal was an LSD run with an enforced consistent pace. No running too fast when the belt is moving under you!

And, in part, it seemed to work. While not a effortless, podium-style run, it felt better than I expected.

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March 4 Team Hoyt Charity Run

2014-03-23 12.02.03

Not pictured: trying to get my wife to dance with me during the run

Greetings from the Bar145 March 4 Team Hoyt!

This was perhaps the most singularly unique running event I have ever been part of. Running a treadmill 5k on stage at noon, then having a gourmet chicken breast salad (with delicious chipotle-cumin rub). What a blast!

Several of the girls that I coached in the fall half-marathon training program showed up to put their miles in the books today at Bar145, too. It was good to see them again and see them doing so well.

While we were preparing to get the runs started, the program coordinator mentioned that signups had dropped off hard around 6:00pm, so I volunteered to run a double today. After the lunch 5k at noon, I spent time with my wife and dog (we watched the new episode of Secret Eaters). Then I went back in and ran a dinnertime 5k on the stage at 6:00pm.

I’m pretty proud of helping to put 6.2mi on the board, out of the 145mi goal. The runners on stage really drew attention, and helped push donations. Running is always fun, but doing it for a cause adds a new dimension.

Feels good, man.

Feels good, man.


The most bizarre part of the day was when Bar145 introduced what I have deemed the “Bloody Mary-thon” – essentially a meal attached to a bloody mary. A description cannot do it justice, you must see for yourself!

Yes, that is a cheeseburger...

Yes, that is a cheeseburger…

I did wear my Garmin to track the runs, but Garmin Connect seems to be unreachable today. So I can’t upload the .fit files or link to the runs. I’ll add them in once Garmin gets their shit together and repairs the site.

Proper Pacing: Treadmill Pace Conversion Chart

It’s well known among runners that treadmill running is less accurate than road or track running, especially for pacing. There are multiple theories as to why, I happen to be partial to the “lack of wind resistance” theory coupled with “lack of elevation change”.

But treadmill running doesn’t mean you can’t train at a proper pace for your level or training program. You just need to convert treadmill speed to “real” speed.

Use this chart to compensate your pace for treadmill running. It covers the gamut of elevations, so you can train as desired.

Finding something worth staring at on the treadmill is, as always, still your own problem.