4/14 – Training Updates


It has been several days since my last post, but it hasn’t been a vacation. With the light at the end of the tunnel that is law school graduation, I have several papers, projects, and assignments that are coming due. One of them, a legal research project I have been working on looking into the intellectual property right of publicity & the internet, consumed my entire weekend.

This semester is an anomaly for law school – no finals, but several projects. It is odd having my classes structured this way right at the end, but I’ll take it. Not the least reason is that completing all the assignments means I should have no questions about graduating successfully.

But all of the this work means that something else has to give. I’m still completing my runs, but it seemed all weekend like I just never had the time to upload everything and get it on BSR. Hell, right now I should be working on a different project for another legal writing class but I feel the need to update this site.

And the running is still going reasonably well. It is taper time for Glass City, so its time once again to try to find that setting between ‘off’ and ‘ludicrous speed‘. I’ve never been very good at that, honestly.

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3/30 – Training Update

She canna do it, Cap'n! She just dunna have the power!

She canna do it, Cap’n! She just dunna have the power!

That picture pretty accurately describes how my last several runs have gone. Indoors or outdoors, trail or track… it doesn’t seem to make a difference. I’m hitting the wall but hard each and every run. Yesterday’s run felt good for about two miles, then it all fell apart.

What got my attention after that run wasn’t the heavy arms or the dry mouth. When I sat down to take in some water, I nearly fell dead asleep right there on the bench. Closing my eyes after that run meant fighting to stay alert, even as I walked a short cooldown. I don’t know what falling instantly asleep after a rough run means, but I don’t figure it is a good thing.

Bonking and I are old enemies, so that sensation isn’t itself particularly scary. What does have me concerned, however, is that it is happening every time I go out. At this point, I’m even feeling some weariness in my shoulders and hips throughout the day (but that could be purely psychosomatic).

Screen-shot-2011-09-01-at-11.23.33-AM-335x421The point of all this isn’t to complain or moan about my lot – I just need to be honest about how I feel and how my body is holding up. While my current goal is weight loss (particularly after my previous binge period), I have to wonder if I need a few more calories or at least some more good carbs.

To that end, I’m adding a Clif Bar (or the equivalent, such as a Picky Bar) to my diet every day for at least the next several days. I’m also taking today off instead of tomorrow, and trying to do a LSD run tomorrow where I actually keep my heart rate in Zone 2 or 3 (gasp! Pacing myself!).

I know I can do better, I just need to figure out how to correct for this present problem.

3/24 – Half Marathon Training

Don't let the sweet face fool you...

Don’t let the sweet face fool you… this is one tough pacer!

Another Monday, another day of cross-training & rest. I’ve said it before, but it is still true: it feels odd starting my week with a day off.

But cross-training is useful, and all workouts are more fun with a training partner… mine today just happened to have four legs and a tail wag that could power a turbine.

Leo has gotten blue over the winter being stuck inside all day, every day. So I’m trying to get him out for walks around the neighborhood and eventually the metroparks as I can. He has some doggie pudge, so he the exercise just as much as I do.

I’ve developed a walk around the neighborhood that is around 3.5mi, which is enough to wear Leo out at the moment. But today was not a good day for that route.

Wasn't it just Spring yesterday?!?

Wasn’t it just Spring yesterday?!?

I watched the news this morning, so I knew it was supposed to be cold again (grr….). But I thought the sun would counteract it and make it comfortable again. Yeah… I was wrong. The ambient plus the wind made it REALLY cold to be out with exposed skin. My hands started to burn from the cold, so I couldn’t keep either Leo or myself out there for the entire 3.5mi. I called it at a bit over 2mi.

Damn. I want Spring back.

However, there is good news to balance the suffering. Stacy replaced the blender, so as I type this I am enjoying a nice, thick cookies-and-cream GNC shake as my afternoon snack. The old one leaked into the base and shorted out. Hopefully, I can keep this one working longer.

And Garmin is still derping with their website, so no Garmin Connect links yet. Maybe tomorrow…


3/13 – Half Marathon Training

become a runner

Another day without running. This is getting old quick, but I need to make sure I recover properly. It won’t help me at all to come back too quick and run myself back into the ground.

But it does mean that I will need to reconfigure my training plan. Fortunately, I have the base to run a half already. So I don’t have to sweat the mileage, just the speedwork and other key workouts.

I think I can make it work…

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3/12 – Half Marathon Training

On the plus side, I think I’ve gotten over the worst of whatever I picked up over the weekend. That bug was rough, but relatively short.

On the minus side, Toledo received a metric ton of new snow this morning and the storm shut down this corner of the state yet again. Seriously, we were under a Level 3 Snow Emergency. Everything from the YMCA to the University of Toledo was shut down.

So, while I briefly considered resuming my runs today the decision was taken out of my hands. Probably not a bad thing as I have a bad habit of trying to come back way too early from illness and injuries.

All of this is making me glad that I’m training for the half mary at Glass City. I have the base for a quick half marathon already, so losing some training time is not devastating. If I was trying for the full in April, this would be really worrying me about now.

I don’t think I’m alone in being quite done with this winter. Spring needs to come sooner rather than later – or at least winter needs to back off a bit. I need my trails back, dammit!

3/9 – Half Marathon Training


I have potatoes for feet.

That kind of statement probably requires explanation. The story starts when I woke up this morning and my ankles felt incredibly stiff – like the Tin Man before Dorothy found him. An annoying ache to be sure, but nothing I haven’t dealt with in the past after hard training sessions.

That said, combined with having to simply survive yesterday’s LSD run, I made the decision to take today off from training. The schedule called for a 5 mile easy pace run – just a short run to build the base, which I already have. More miles are always good, but I can spare a few at this point in the program.

So naturally, that meant I needed to go out and have a Hopple Popple and pancakes at the Original Pancake House. What? Doesn’t everybody do this?

But breakfast logic aside, we get to how I came to have tubers at the ends of my legs…

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3/7 – Half Marathon Training


Pictured: Today’s To-Do list

As mentioned in yesterday’s training post, today is a rest day. And for once, it actually was a rest day… no cross-training, no going to the gym “just for a little bit”, and absolutely no working my lower body. Just a day of letting some of the damage to my muscles get sorted out.

I have a bad habit of never being able to let something simply be good enough. It is the ugly side of being a perfectionist. Once I commit to something, I am all in. That can, and has, led to overuse injuries in my past. Not something I am keen to repeat.

On the other hand, tomorrow is going to be an eventful day. Leo goes to Karnik to play with the other dogs while I put an LSD run in the books, then head over to the Team Toledo Triathlon Expo and check that out. The expo was supposed to be last month, but the polar vortex literally shut down this portion of the state that weekend. Dave’s Running sent out an email blast saying they are putting together a team for runners who want to try a tri – definitely something for me to look into.

So today is a simple day. Eat, sleep, do some work, repeat as necessary. My chance to just let it be “good enough”.

3/3 – Half Marathon Training


New week = another rest/cross-training day to start. I’m starting to get into the rhythm of this program – it is nice to have structure to my training again.

I’ve been looking for a core routine that is good for my situation – namely, someone with considerable discomfort when rolling on the coccyx & a weak lower back. Both P90X and Insanity were no good for this and while DDP Yoga gets a lot of great reviews, I’m not prepared to drop more money on a DVD program (even if it does star my favorite pro wrestler of all time!).

This search has been occuring off and on for quite a while, but my goal of adding core work to my cross-training days for RW:C Break-1:30 has made me get serious about it. At one point, I had found a pretty good routine, but I couldn’t remember where I found it. Isn’t that always the way of things?

But today I remembered where I found it! One of the more popular running blogs on the web is Strength Running. If you poke around the site long enough, you will find that the man behind Strength Running, Jason Fitzgerald, has what he terms the “Standard Core Routine“. This was what I was looking for!

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2/28 – Half Marathon Training

Rest day

Ahhhh…. Rest day, or at least a non-running, cross-training day. I’m glad to have it. My legs are tired!

The plan all week was to continue adding core routines into my cross-training. Since no early morning is on the schedule, I got some work done before I popped the Insanity “Cardio Abs” DVD into the player. P90X didn’t agree with my tailbone, and I had high hopes for Shaun T and his workouts.

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2/24 – Half Marathon Training

lace upBack on the schedule as normal again starting today, so that makes this a rest/cross-training day. After a three month injury layoff, I am reminding myself that rest days are just as valuable for my training as mileage & speedwork days.

Not that it means I must be a lazy bum, mind you. I got up at my usual time and had a sedate breakfast while helping Stacy get out the door for work instead of rushing off to the gym. It felt odd, but was a refreshing change of pace. Tomorrow, I’m looking forward to getting back to the rhythm, though.

One of the reasons I was out of action for three months is that I have a ludicrously weak core. I strained/sprained several muscles in my lower back, coupled with IT band problems. So I decided that cross-training this season needs to incorporate core workouts.

Enter Tony Horton and his infamous Ab Ripper X.

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