How to: Add a Custom Food & Recipe to MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal (MFP) is a valuable & powerful tool in your arsenal to keep track of your nutrition. The interface is clean, the database of commercial foods and products is massive, and the interoperability between web & iOS is almost flawless.

But one of the best features is the ability to add your own custom foods & recipes. I have been adding the Racing Weight recipes as I make them to My Foods so that I can add their nutritional data on the fly in the future. If I encounter a recipe without nutritional data (like my buffalo hummus), I can recreate the recipe in MFP to generate the nutritional data (and also have it available for later).

Today, I will provide a step-by-step walkthrough of how to add a custom food & recipe to MFP. Continue reading


Om, nom, nom! Additional Racing Weight Recipes!

While Matt Fitzgerald is the mastermind behind the Racing Weight Diet Quality Score (DQS) system, he coauthored the Racing Weight Cookbook with “registered dietitian, nutrition expert, and physique coach” Georgie Fear.

While the Racing Weight blog posts recipes from the cookbook occasionally, it does not add any new foods to the mix. Fortunately, Georgie keeps her own blog, Ask Georgie, that can serve as a supplement to the Racing Weight Cookbook.

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Review: Racing Weight series

For the past two years, my focus has been on losing weight – lots of weight. I lost over 100 lbs following the P90X nutrition guideĀ  and its ultra low-carb diet, but it is very much a “do as I say” guide without much explanation or customization.

Eventually, I got hurt in late 2013 and had to stop running for several months. The idea of regaining that weight (which I did during finals/holidays – around 25 lbs) horrified me, so I went extremely low calorie to lose weight again. I had a “good diet” – all lean protein and vegetables, but very little of either.

I was carb starved and running & coaching endurance sports. I constantly felt drained and when I hit the wall in a long run, it was brutal. Something had to change. I had heard of Matt Fitzgerald’s nutrition program from magazines and Amazon suggestions, so I read up on it.

Let me lay it out clearly, Racing Weight is an amazing nutrition system built specifically for endurance athletes. Continue reading

2/16 – Half Marathon training

My road to recovery technically begins tomorrow when I start day 1 of my 1/2 marathon training program. But, like so many other runners, I am damnably impatient and have been working off the first week’s workouts all week to see what pace I should be training to run at Glass City. As it turns out, I am safe working at a sub-1:45, but I hope to drop down and be able to train towards a sub-1:30. Continue reading