4/14 – Training Updates


It has been several days since my last post, but it hasn’t been a vacation. With the light at the end of the tunnel that is law school graduation, I have several papers, projects, and assignments that are coming due. One of them, a legal research project I have been working on looking into the intellectual property right of publicity & the internet, consumed my entire weekend.

This semester is an anomaly for law school – no finals, but several projects. It is odd having my classes structured this way right at the end, but I’ll take it. Not the least reason is that completing all the assignments means I should have no questions about graduating successfully.

But all of the this work means that something else has to give. I’m still completing my runs, but it seemed all weekend like I just never had the time to upload everything and get it on BSR. Hell, right now I should be working on a different project for another legal writing class but I feel the need to update this site.

And the running is still going reasonably well. It is taper time for Glass City, so its time once again to try to find that setting between ‘off’ and ‘ludicrous speed‘. I’ve never been very good at that, honestly.

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4/8 – Training Updates

i ran today

The blame for the lack of recent updates rests completely with law school, I swear. I haven’t missed any training days, but I had a major analysis due yesterday so I had to devote all my time to completing that.

Trust me, 24 pages critiquing my own negotiating preparation & performance is not my idea of a enjoyable weekend. But I want to graduate, so I need to…

2012-10-09 14.38.08

So while I have stressing over contractual clauses for insurance and negotiating a landlord/tenant agreement, I still managed to get my training sessions in. The key has been to do my runs first thing in the morning. When I get out the door for a run at 6:30am, that cements it as a priority and ensures that I don’t just skip it. That is simply too easy to do when I train later in the day.

It is a coincidence that Glass City is the weekend that law school ends, but I want to have a good race to cap off the three years I’ve spent at UT. There is a lot of pent-up anxiety with law school and a 13.1 mile race should take care of a good bit of that.

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4/5 – Half Marathon Training

mental high five

Sometimes all it takes to accomplish something is to trust that you can do it and just get started. Jump in the ocean – sink or swim. That’s precisely how today’s run went.

Spring flirted with us then ran away, returning us to Winter’s frigid hug of death. Even so, I had to get out and do some longer runs. Facebook is exploding with reminders that Glass City is less than a month away and I haven’t done a run longer than ~6 miles in waaaay too long.

Deciding that “brave or grave” was the proper response, I pun on my tights, packed a spare GU, and went out to attempt the full 12 mile out-and-back on the UT Uni/Park trail. The first time I did this run, I got out to King Road and had absolutely nothing left. My body was spent and I had no phone, no food, no water, and no wife available to pick me up. It was a long, long 6 mile trek back to the car. I had to trust that today would go better than that ignoble effort.

And, hoo-boy, it became obvious that my legs, knees, and back are no longer accustomed to either long runs or hard surfaces. There are old aches creeping back and I’m pretty damn exhausted. But, hell, I made it! Self high-five!

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3/8 – Half Marathon Training

karnazes never give upIt had to happen eventually – I had a truly bad run this morning. Not that it is hard to suss out the reason why. Sleep was impossible last night, and I am not exagerating. I saw the clock read 2:00am, then my alarm went off at 5:00am to get me up for my run. I should have known my day was in dire trouble when my Chocolate Outrage GU didn’t lift my mood.

At least Leo got to go to puppy daycare and have a fun time. Someone needed to have a good morning, right?

But I’m going to stick to my goal of finding the positive, no matter the situation. Today was a chance for me to train under less than ideal conditions. And, even though it was ugly, I completed the run. Or rather, I outlasted it.

Sometimes, that is all you can do.

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3/1 – Half Marathon Training

thelongrunLooooong run is long. 10 miles on a 1/16mi indoor track… that’s a lotta laps.

Stacy, being supportive and full of good ideas, got up early with me so that we could get to the YMCA just after opening. An empty track would be like an early birthday present for a long run day.

And it worked… for the most part.

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2/22 – Half Marathon Training

Having put in a 16 hour day at the law school yesterday, I allowed myself the luxury of sleeping in today. I don’t do it often, so it was a nice to stay in the warm, comfy bed another hour or two.

Unfortunately, that meant I was at the Y when it opened. Which, in turn, means the track was much more crowded with walkers, oblivious patrons, and one extremely rude girl who insisted on cutting me off each time she sprinted by – she nearly tripped me twice.

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