4/10 – Half Marathon Training


Thursdays are rough.

With an advanced legal research class early, it squeezes my time for running in the mornings. But I am a creature of habit and don’t like it if I skip a day, even Thursdays. So, knowing that I’m already behind the 8-ball timewise, I went out to the Rec Center for my training run.

After the more intense training runs this week, I knew an easy run was on the horizon. Even though the time issue was going to be a factor (and it was), today’s run was a slow 5 miler.

Before setting out on the track, I played around on my shiny iPod and made a fun new playlist for today. Since the run didn’t need to stay at a quick pace I just threw together a list of songs I like and hadn’t heard in a long time (hello, Ask DNA).

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