3/3 – Half Marathon Training


New week = another rest/cross-training day to start. I’m starting to get into the rhythm of this program – it is nice to have structure to my training again.

I’ve been looking for a core routine that is good for my situation – namely, someone with considerable discomfort when rolling on the coccyx & a weak lower back. Both P90X and Insanity were no good for this and while DDP Yoga gets a lot of great reviews, I’m not prepared to drop more money on a DVD program (even if it does star my favorite pro wrestler of all time!).

This search has been occuring off and on for quite a while, but my goal of adding core work to my cross-training days for RW:C Break-1:30 has made me get serious about it. At one point, I had found a pretty good routine, but I couldn’t remember where I found it. Isn’t that always the way of things?

But today I remembered where I found it! One of the more popular running blogs on the web is Strength Running. If you poke around the site long enough, you will find that the man behind Strength Running, Jason Fitzgerald, has what he terms the “Standard Core Routine“. This was what I was looking for!

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Review: Racing Weight series

For the past two years, my focus has been on losing weight – lots of weight. I lost over 100 lbs following the P90X nutrition guideĀ  and its ultra low-carb diet, but it is very much a “do as I say” guide without much explanation or customization.

Eventually, I got hurt in late 2013 and had to stop running for several months. The idea of regaining that weight (which I did during finals/holidays – around 25 lbs) horrified me, so I went extremely low calorie to lose weight again. I had a “good diet” – all lean protein and vegetables, but very little of either.

I was carb starved and running & coaching endurance sports. I constantly felt drained and when I hit the wall in a long run, it was brutal. Something had to change. I had heard of Matt Fitzgerald’s nutrition program from magazines and Amazon suggestions, so I read up on it.

Let me lay it out clearly, Racing Weight is an amazing nutrition system built specifically for endurance athletes. Continue reading