4/5 – Half Marathon Training

mental high five

Sometimes all it takes to accomplish something is to trust that you can do it and just get started. Jump in the ocean – sink or swim. That’s precisely how today’s run went.

Spring flirted with us then ran away, returning us to Winter’s frigid hug of death. Even so, I had to get out and do some longer runs. Facebook is exploding with reminders that Glass City is less than a month away and I haven’t done a run longer than ~6 miles in waaaay too long.

Deciding that “brave or grave” was the proper response, I pun on my tights, packed a spare GU, and went out to attempt the full 12 mile out-and-back on the UT Uni/Park trail. The first time I did this run, I got out to King Road and had absolutely nothing left. My body was spent and I had no phone, no food, no water, and no wife available to pick me up. It was a long, long 6 mile trek back to the car. I had to trust that today would go better than that ignoble effort.

And, hoo-boy, it became obvious that my legs, knees, and back are no longer accustomed to either long runs or hard surfaces. There are old aches creeping back and I’m pretty damn exhausted. But, hell, I made it! Self high-five!

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3/16 – Half Marathon Training

cold weather gearFinally, a chance to run my favorite metropark trails! And a chance to wear my new cold weather gear! I don’t care that it was zero degrees out with the wind chill! Exclamation marks!

Seriously, though… it has been such a long winter that the temperature is meaningless at this point. So long as there is no ice on the trails, we are going to be out there. Wind, cold, and clouds, we will bear it all after the Polar Vortex.

Along with about a handful of runners and a pair of cyclists, I shared the Wildwood/Uni Park trail with a couple dozen dogs. It always makes my run better when I see someone running with their dog. Leo is too much a beagle to run, his nose always has to be on the ground. Trust me, I’ve tried!

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3/15 – Half Marathon Training

im back

I’m back, in more ways than one! Today was my first run since the bad LSD run last week AND it was an outdoor run. That’s right, no treadmill or track for this guy!

Stacy is participating in the local 5k training program, so I tagged along this morning to do my own run. I was a little hesitant because of the cold, and there was something to that. But I didn’t and still don’t care, I got to run outdoors again.

Of course, we first had to find the meetup location. I have had two races at Oak Openings and both were met at the same place… so I made the assumption that this group would follow suit. Getting there nearly 45 minutes early meant we had plenty of time to wonder if we were wrong.

But we were right, Stacy got together with her running group, and I hit the road for the first time in months. It was everything I dreamed it would be.

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