An Unexpected Crown

Hail to the king, baby?

I feel like I should be hearing Queen’s “We Are the Champions”…

I just got an email from Strava congratulating me on my course record for the Boardwalk Trail, which is very nice and inspiring….

Except I had no idea where the Boardwalk Trail is, or why I was the champion. Then I remembered that I had used Tapiriik to connect Garmin Connect to Strava so I could check out some of the social aspects of Strava.

So apparently I am the King of the Mountain for running a section of the trail at Wildwood Metropark. I could see how people would get competitive with this. If someone beats my time, I will likely go out and try to reclaim it. Hell, I may look for records in Toledo just so I can go out and try to topple them.


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