3/15 – Half Marathon Training

im back

I’m back, in more ways than one! Today was my first run since the bad LSD run last week AND it was an outdoor run. That’s right, no treadmill or track for this guy!

Stacy is participating in the local 5k training program, so I tagged along this morning to do my own run. I was a little hesitant because of the cold, and there was something to that. But I didn’t and still don’t care, I got to run outdoors again.

Of course, we first had to find the meetup location. I have had two races at Oak Openings and both were met at the same place… so I made the assumption that this group would follow suit. Getting there nearly 45 minutes early meant we had plenty of time to wonder if we were wrong.

But we were right, Stacy got together with her running group, and I hit the road for the first time in months. It was everything I dreamed it would be.

Finally running outside meant it was also my first chance to use the new running tights and thermal top I got for Christmas. They were warm and comfortable – I am looking forward to using them again. Much better than my old cold weather gear (which was track pants and a hoodie).

So body temp was not an issue, but air temp was. As soon as I started running, I started wheezing. Not bad, but enough that I could feel it with each breath. Definitely not acclimatized to the cold anymore.

I decided to run at a comfortably difficult pace, and ignore the Garmin. I would want the data later, but I just needed to get out and run. Obsessing over my pace or distance would only lead to me going too hard out the gate.

Today’s run was cold, fairly short, and incredibly fun. I even saw some of the girls from my fall half-marathon coaching gig on the return leg of my run! That was fun. It was good to see that they were not horribly scarred by the experience of me training them. Afterwards, I met up with Stacy and was introduced to her group and her coach. He strikes me as a great guy for that group – I feel Stacy is in good hands.

Tomorrow is going to be a similar run – Stacy and Leo are going to go for a walk while I gallop around Wildwood for half and hour. Getting used to the cold again needs to be a priority, but I don’t want to abandon my training program. I think I may do the speedwork on the track (ugh…) but move all the easy & LSD runs outdoors.

Did anyone else finally get outside fora run, or enter a race? The season is upon us!

Garmin Connect for 3/15 training run


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