3/7 – Half Marathon Training


Pictured: Today’s To-Do list

As mentioned in yesterday’s training post, today is a rest day. And for once, it actually was a rest day… no cross-training, no going to the gym “just for a little bit”, and absolutely no working my lower body. Just a day of letting some of the damage to my muscles get sorted out.

I have a bad habit of never being able to let something simply be good enough. It is the ugly side of being a perfectionist. Once I commit to something, I am all in. That can, and has, led to overuse injuries in my past. Not something I am keen to repeat.

On the other hand, tomorrow is going to be an eventful day. Leo goes to Karnik to play with the other dogs while I put an LSD run in the books, then head over to the Team Toledo Triathlon Expo and check that out. The expo was supposed to be last month, but the polar vortex literally shut down this portion of the state that weekend. Dave’s Running sent out an email blast saying they are putting together a team for runners who want to try a tri – definitely something for me to look into.

So today is a simple day. Eat, sleep, do some work, repeat as necessary. My chance to just let it be “good enough”.


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