3/5 – Half Marathon Training

Capt hindsight

This is for you, Miss “Give BSR the rapist glare over the shoulder running girl”.

Seriously, though. If you are going to speed up and match my pace, don’t then get annoyed when I’m running directly behind you. I’m going based on a constant pace, not whatever the hell you’re doing.

Eventually, I sped up and passed her… and passed her again…. and again…. I was starting to worry I would get maced coming around a corner if I stayed behind this paranoid girl. It boggles the mind, it truly does.

Never a dull day on the YMCA indoor track, I tell ya.

Today’s GU flavor: Jet Blackberry. I wasn’t too nervous about this one. Berry flavors are pretty standard anymore and I thought that GU would have it down cold. Turns out, they more or less do… but it is closer to the “blackberry flavoring” than the flavor of actual blackberries. So, there was a bit of a letdown on the pre-workout front. Not that I actively dislike it, I just won’t seek out Jet Blackberry in the future.

Today’s workout: 6 miles, easy peasy pace (8:00/mi).

Second verse, same as the first – same run as yesterday. The difference being that I don’t have an appointment convincing me to push the pace. Instead, I can do it all by myself! D’oh.

Not much more to say about today’s easy run. It took a long while for my hamstrings to warm up, but if I didn’t have some aches I wouldn’t feel that I was training sufficiently hard. Since tomorrow is Yasso 800s, I left the run at 6 miles instead of stretching it out to a quarter mary.

And the thought that has been running through my mind constantly: I really need the spring to come so I can hit the trails again… Stacy is getting annoyed with my driving down to Ft. Meigs to run, but I can’t bear to run on the treadmill every day (or any day, if I can help it). I’ve been humming “Here Come the Sun” as if it will bring the warmer days. Sigh…

Garmin Connect for 3/5 training run


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