3/2 – Half Marathon Training

said no one ever

Waiting until noon to run? Madness, I say!

Being a dataphile and a consummate geek, I wore my heart rate monitor to bed so I could check my resting heart rate when I woke this morning. I wasn’t going to be jarred awake by the alarm due to the late opening, so it seemed like as good a time as any. The results were pretty phenomenal. My RHR is currently 45 beats per minute. That’s pretty solid in the athlete zone!

The only positive I found to the church forcing the Y to stay closed until noon is that I was able to go out and deal with the Snowpocolypse – 3+ inches of fresh snow as well as packed ice from the earlier storms. Shoveling the drive and hacking at the ice sheet was actually a decent upper body workout. Silver linings, I suppose.

Then it was finally time to go run.

I brought out the big guns for pre-workout nutrition today: Peanut Butter GU! It gets great reviews and I needed something great today. It lives up to the hype. Yum, yum, yum. I found that it tasted less like straight peanut butter and more like a delicious Payday bar. Winning!

Today’s workout: 5 mi, easy pace (8:00/mi).

Since the Y opened late, the result is a more crowded track. Not fun, but nothing to be done for it until the thaw comes and I can hit the trails again. Power through and run on, right?

The schedule says that I should be running at a 8:00/mi pace, but that feels so dreadfully slow now. I just ran at a comfortable pace and averaged 7:15/mi. I like that. The goal pace of under 6:50/mi feels very achievable now. This should work both as a good half mary plan and a base for my full marathon training.

The only problem is that I tweaked my back slightly dodging a child on the track. But he and his mother learned from the experience and made sure to not block off the entire track, so it was not all bad. I don’t mind the mistakes, so long as people learn the proper etiquette from it. That happened here, so I’m satisfied.

Back to cross-training tomorrow – the search for a core workout continues!

Garmin Connect for 3/2 training run


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