3/1 – Half Marathon Training

thelongrunLooooong run is long. 10 miles on a 1/16mi indoor track… that’s a lotta laps.

Stacy, being supportive and full of good ideas, got up early with me so that we could get to the YMCA just after opening. An empty track would be like an early birthday present for a long run day.

And it worked… for the most part.

This morning I had the chance to try the Vanilla Bean GU for my pre-workout gel. Nice and thick, just like all GUs, but what about the taste? Excellent, for energy gel. Much like the Chocolate Outrage gel, the Vanilla Bean GU tastes a lot like frosting… and that gets my seal of approval.


Today’s workout: 10 mile LSD run, easy pace (8:00/mi)

Schedule says 10 mile LSD run, so I got my mind right and hit the track. My legs were still tired, but that is intentional for a training program. Gotta get used to running on not-fresh legs, after all. I still am going out for my “easy” pace at 7:30-7:45/mi, but until I can calibrate the footpod with the GPS, I’m going to err on the side of speedy.

My new playlist is working out great. The beat gives me something reasonable to pace myself to, and it is all high energy, kick-it-into-high-gear songs. Try not to speed up when “Amazing Grace” by the Dropkick Murphys hits, I dare ya. Boom!

The first 7 miles were just me versus the miles. A few people on the track, but they all seemed to understand the “rules” of track running. Running on weary legs, I just wanted to concentrate on my form and cadence.

Then the rude joggers found their way to the track. I’m not here to bitch and moan, so I’m not going to vent my spleen here. But the last three miles were a struggle against people that seemed willfully blind to track etiquette. Sigh…

The real story is that I bonked HARD near the end of this run. With about a mile to go, my mind got fuzzy, my arms felt heavy, and I felt like each step was moving through molasses. Rough, but no way was I going to DNF this training run. The way out is the way through.

I actually collapsed on the couch when I found Stacy waiting for me at the Y entrance. I knew I was exhausted, but when my legs went out as I sat down it came as a bit of a shock. A few minutes later I was okay and home again, home again jiggity jig.

This long run kept my motor running hot all morning. I was hungry constantly!

Tomorrow is another easy run, but the Y doesn’t open until noon. Not that it matters, since Snowpocolypse II: Whiteout Boogalo is on the way tonight. I’ll need a chance to do some impromptu snow shovel cross-training before I can get to the track.

Garmin Connect for 3/1 training run


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