2/28 – Half Marathon Training

Rest day

Ahhhh…. Rest day, or at least a non-running, cross-training day. I’m glad to have it. My legs are tired!

The plan all week was to continue adding core routines into my cross-training. Since no early morning is on the schedule, I got some work done before I popped the Insanity “Cardio Abs” DVD into the player. P90X didn’t agree with my tailbone, and I had high hopes for Shaun T and his workouts.

Sadly, those hopes were not to be borne out. The first half of “Cardio Abs” is jumping, jogging, and other ways of using my tired legs. The second half was doing ab work sitting on my tailbone – exactly what I’m trying to avoid.

The end result? Insanity is better for my coccyx than P90X, but that’s not saying much. The search for a core routine continues… plus I think I fell asleep on my yoga mat. Child’s pose? More like nap time pose.

But Stacy asked me to join her tonight on her trip to the Y, so I got a second chance to accomplish something. I intentionally avoided having a plan – settling on watching PTI & Sportscenter on the stationary bike, then hitting the rower to have some fun. I put the rower resistance to 10 (because this one doesn’t go to 11… /Spinal Tap) and snapped out 2.5 km.

I know I feel better having gotten some sort of workout in. If I go without getting my heart rate up, I get antsy and cranky. Neither my wife nor my dog should have to deal with a cranky BSR.

What about you? If the schedule says rest/cross-training, do you still put something in the books? Or is rest inviolable?


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