2/25 – Half Marathon Training

never more than it givesFirst of all, greetings to everyone from Matt Fitzgerald’s Twitter and Reddit’s 90 Day Challenge! Feel free to share, comment, or subscribe – let me know what type of content you are enjoying or would like to see.

But on to the running. Back to the track, ramping up the mileage – that is the nature of this week.

Got up with the alarm and had my ritual cup of coffee, said good morning to my wife and then headed out the door for another trip to the ridiculous 1/16 mile, banked corners track at the Y.

But, good news for this morning’s run! Garmin came through and got me a replacement heart rate monitor unit for my failed HRM. Since it was still under warranty, it was a fairly seamless process. Garmin really did a good job with customer service on this. I am glad to have my HRM back for this workout – I am addicted to data.

This morning I stopped experimenting with brands & flavors and went with Old Reliable for my pre-workout nutrition: GU Chocolate Outrage. Mmmm…. tastes like frosting.

Today’s workout: 6 miles, easy pace (8:00/mi).

Of course, I ignored the pace listing and ran each of my six splits in 7:30/mi. That should surprise nobody by this point. I have not had a chance to calibrate the footpod with GPS and I know instant pace can be a little off anyway – so I aim to be a bit faster than the listed pace.

I thought I got to the Y early enough to avoid traffic on the track, but there was a problem with a personal trainer directing her charge to do stationary bodyweight exercises in the blind part of the back curve – not a good idea, to my mind. Plus it gets crowded when a track less than two meters wide has: a trainer and her charge, a walker swinging around them, and me coming around the curve to find this sudden traffic jam. I nearly got put into the window at that point.

Sadly, I am getting accustomed to this type of thing at the Y. Spring, or at least the end of the icy season, cannot get here fast enough to suit me. I’ll buy a headlamp and a shiny belt and go run the trails at 5:30 am as soon as it is safe. Crikey.

CrikeysteveLooking forward, I see mile repeats on Wednesday. If I run to traffic then like I have recently, there could be problems or even injuries – 6:15/mi is not a sedate pace to have a collision. I may need to get the Y even earlier (5:00 am?) to have the track to myself for that one.

Garmin Connect for 2/25 training run


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