Om, nom, nom! Additional Racing Weight Recipes!

While Matt Fitzgerald is the mastermind behind the Racing Weight Diet Quality Score (DQS) system, he coauthored the Racing Weight Cookbook with “registered dietitian, nutrition expert, and physique coach” Georgie Fear.

While the Racing Weight blog posts recipes from the cookbook occasionally, it does not add any new foods to the mix. Fortunately, Georgie keeps her own blog, Ask Georgie, that can serve as a supplement to the Racing Weight Cookbook.

The thing to remember is that Ask Georgie is not actually part of the Racing Weight ecosystem, so the recipes don’t have DQS data attached to them. Fortunately, it becomes fairly trivial after a bit to work out the scores for yourself at a glance. Most of them do, however, contain the nutritional data – a real timesaver for those of us using My Fitness Pal and the like to track our macros.

And, boy, is there a plethora of recipes on her blog! Here is just a short list of the recipes I am already planning to add to the rotation:

There is even an entire Thanksgiving spread available, including pumpkin pie! And since Ask Georgie is written by the same person that wrote the recipes for the Racing Weight Cookbook, I am confident that, with some limited exceptions (like the Sweets section), the recipes here will work well in the DQS set-up.

Bottom line: While Ask Georgie is not technically part of the Racing Weight system, it is written by the coauthor of the Racing Weight Cookbook. It adds the same kind of variety that makes the Racing Weight Cookbook such a valuable addition to your culinary arsenal.

Bookmark the blog, print out some recipes, & get to cooking!


3 thoughts on “Om, nom, nom! Additional Racing Weight Recipes!

    • It is my pleasure. My training & recovery is much improved with the better nutrition.

      Even more telling, my wife (who is low-carb) tells me constantly that my meals look and smell amazing. Delicious and well balanced – what’s not to love?

  1. Woohoooo! Fabulous! I try to keep the recipes adaptable so that people who are low carb OR high carb eaters can enjoy them. My clients who are less active, and need less carbs, often serve things over spaghetti quash or zucchini noodles instead of pasta, etc. Keep the spouses and kids happy to be able to eat what they want!

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