2/18 – Half Marathon Training


Like Peyton Manning, I’m calling an audible and changing the play. I figure “in for a penny, in for a pound” so this morning I shifted to the faster, sub-1:30 training plan. I’ll never accomplish anything worthwhile if I insist on playing it safe, right?

Of course, Mother Nature unleashed Snowpocolypse II: the Revenge overnight. Level II & III snow emergencies all across northwestern Ohio, including Lucas county. But making excuses won’t build results, so I dragged my butt into the car and drove to the YMCA to run that absurd 1/16th mile track for a HMP run.

Since I decided to shift to the faster program, I was anxious to have a good run and prove to myself that I could handle the faster pacing. So while I was driving to the gym, I ate a vanilla Clif Shot gel to top off my tank. It tasted and felt kinda like vanilla pudding – not necessarily a bad thing, I suppose. An energy gel is really not necessary for a 5mi run, but like I said – I was anxious.

Today’s workout was 1mi easy pace (8:00/mi) -> 3mi HMP (6:52/mi) -> 1mi easy pace (8:00/mi).

Conceptually, a simple workout. But I learned this morning that I have gotten very fuzzy on feeling a constant pace. Even trying to match a cadence to my music, I was pretty swingy on the pacing. I had to constantly check my watch to speed up or slow down. But the actual per-mile time was pretty dead on for each of the five miles (thanks for the assist, Garmin!).

Overall, I feel pretty good about my decision to switch to the Break-1:30 1/2 Marathon plan. My “test run” on Sunday and my training run today were both on pace for it. Looking forward to tomorrow’s 5mi easy run to stay on target.

Garmin Connect for 2/18 training run


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