2/17 – Half Marathon Training

Today starts my 1/2 marathon training program. I am excited to get started, ready to run, and so of course it starts with a cross-training/rest day. Who makes the first day of the training program a rest day? Are you trying to give motivationally challenged people a reason to give up early, Runner’s World?

Since a rest day is simply out of the question at this early juncture, I opted for cross-training. While browsing the free back issues of Competitor magazine on my iPad, I had come across a rowing machine workout in the October 2013 issue that seemed cool.

WU: 3min easy (24 strokes/min) -> 1min each 24(easy)/26(medium)/28(hard) strokes/min

Workout: 2min easy -> 2min medium -> 2min hard; break for ab work; 2x (1min easy -> 30sec medium -> 30 sec hard)

CD: 2min, focus on form

Not a bad workout for a rest day, but it felt almost too easy. I think I need to keep the resistance at max to make this worthwhile (I had turned it down to 9 today). To make the workout seem better, I tossed a 1mi jog at the end. Just enough to raise my core temp a bit.

Stacy gave me a look when I told her about the extra mile, and to be fair I probably deserve it. I am just coming back to training after physical therapy and three months of injury enforced rest.

From now on, cross-training should really be swim laps. It is no-impact and would work the muscles that I neglect with running. I was on the swim team in high school, but that was 15 years ago. I need to get over my anxiety about being too slow and awkward in the pool and just do it. Properly fitting swim trunks and goggles just made the wish list, I guess.

Garmin Connect for 2/17 training run


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